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    Vitamin and Mineral Support

    Lyme disease and co-infections feed on essential vitamins and minerals in the body. When you become deficient in these essential nutrients it can make you feel unbelievably unwell.  You need to replace these nutrients as deficiency can cause its own set of symptoms such as tremors and seizures.  Below is a list of supplements that Lyme disease patients take, some patients end up taking up to forty different tablets per day.

    Multi Vitamin

    Take a good multi vitamin, it covers all your bases and makes sure that at the very least you have a small amount of everything you need.

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    Vitamin D3

    Reduces pain, body aches and supports the immune system.

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    Magnesium is an absolute must for Lyme patients. A lot of patients develop muscle twitching which can start as a result of a magnesium deficiency. I prefer to apply it topically via the skin or by taking Epsom salt baths though you can buy it in tablet form if you wish.

    Magnesium Oil

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    Magnesium Tablets

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    Manganese helps support our nervous system, allows us to absorb calcium, helps us breakdown carbohydrates and fats, and is a powerful antioxidant. It’s important to replenish your levels of manganese as Lyme feeds on it so your levels can get quite low.

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    Vitamin B12

    A common characteristic of a Lyme disease patient is a deficiency of vitamin B12. Supplementation is an absolute must for anyone suffering from chronic illness or even just someone who has the odd low energy day. I believe everyone should be taking B12 no matter whether you consider yourself to be healthy or unhealthy. B12 boosts energy levels and keeps the bodies nerve and blood cells healthy and helps make our DNA. A lot of Lyme patients find that B12 injections make a huge difference to their energy levels and their overall wellbeing. You can check out our list of B12 injection clinics here otherwise there are B12 oral sprays available that although not as effective as an injection will still make a difference to your health.

    B12 spray

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    Vitamin A

    Supports bone growth, cell differentiation, healthy eyesight, proper gastrointestinal and respiratory function, tissue repair; helps improve immune function and fight infectious disease.

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    Vitamin B complex

    As well as taking B12 you should take a complex B vitamin. B vitamins support many metabolic and cellular functions of the body, they also help fight off infection and protect the brain.

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    Omega 3

    It has anti-inflammatory properties and protects cognitive functions.

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    Milk Thistle

    Supports and assists liver function.

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