Welcome to Lyme Disease Treatment. I’m Alison and I contracted Lyme disease and various other co-infections after being bitten by a tick at a music festival in Oxfordshire in 2014. Since that moment my life has never been the same.  I have spent thousands of pounds on various pills, potions, private doctors consultations and thousands of hours researching and investigating all my treatments options. Lyme disease is incredibly complex and it has taken me years to understand the many facets of it.  

I set up this website to simplify things for others, to take what I’ve learnt and put this complicated disease into an easy to follow guide. The earlier you start treating the infection or infections the better chance you have of achieving remission. As well as helping Lyme disease patients I believe that anyone with an autoimmune condition will benefit from the information within the website, as will people who consider themselves to be healthy but are interested in achieving optimum wellness.  Lyme disease can attack every system in the body. Therefore we have to approach treatment by supporting the whole body and we also have to address other possible causes of disease that could be hindering recovery such as toxin build up, genetic mutations and nutritional deficiencies.

Tick borne diseases are on the rise and Lyme disease carrying ticks have been recorded in every county in the UK.  We could be on the verge of a national epidemic and at this current time there is no known cure for Lyme disease. However, remission is possible. I hope that this website will prove to be a helpful resource for anyone tackling disease.