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    Stem Cells

    SVF therapy

    Did you know that fatty tissue in the body has within it regenerative cells. These cells are just hanging about in our love handles, waiting to be extracted, isolated, activated and then injected back in to our bodies. Once inside our body these super cells can go around kicking ass, multiplying, repairing nerve damage, repairing organ damage and most importantly for Lyme patients repairing our immune function. The majority of patients have reported miraculous results but the recovery isn’t easy, it can be an absolute roller coaster of symptoms and emotions as these cells integrate into the body and start making brand new cells.

    The people at the forefront of this specifically for Lyme patients are Infusio. They have a clinic in Frankfurt, Germany and one in Beverley hills, LA. They’ve treated and cured a lot of high profile celebrities with Lyme so these guys understand the complexity of this disease. The stem cells can cost in the region of £22,000 but they sometimes offer promotional discounts.


    Embryonic Stem Cell Therapy

    Embryonic stem cell therapy involves extracting cells from an embryo and then injecting them into the patient. These cells are pluripotent which means they are basically the best of all the types of stem cells as they can produce all 220 cell types in the human body. Lyme patients on the forum say the effect of these stem cells are miraculous. Originally based in El Cabo, Mexico, Stemaid have just partnered with a new centre in Cyprus to bring their magic stem cells to Europe. The stem cells can cost in the region of £22,000 and that’s not including food and accommodation costs. As a side note they create these embryos from adult living skin cells so it’s a lot more ethical than it sounds.


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