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    Lyme Doctors

    If you have completed the Richard Horrowitz Lyme questionnaire and it’s indicated that you may have Lyme disease and/or coinfections. You've pursued a route with the NHS and not got the end result you hoped for, then you have a few options.

    U.K. Based Lyme Literate Doctors

    One option is to find a UK based Lyme literate doctor who can clinically diagnose you with Lyme disease. A lot of sufferers head to Europe or America to see Lyme doctors but if you’re not sure you have Lyme, it might be a good idea to get an opinion in the UK first.

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    American and European Lyme Literate Doctors

    If you’re happy to travel abroad for treatment then some of the best treatment centers are in America and Europe. The reason they’re the best is that they’ve been dealing with Lyme disease a lot longer and they aren’t constrained by the legalities of long term antibiotic use for Lyme Disease like their UK counter parts.

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    UK based Naturopaths

    I went to a Lyme literate naturopath who prescribed me a herbal protocol which was very effective. Experienced Lyme literate doctors recommend a combination of antibiotics and herbal treatments to treat Lyme and coinfections.

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