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    Oxygen Therapy

    Oxygen is a wonderous atom and a very useful tool in the fight against Lyme disease. Bacteria and viruses despise high oxygenated environments.  In fact oxygen burns them right up, like pouring gasoline on them and striking a match. Disease thrives in low oxygenated environments and believe it or not, the human body can be a low oxygenated environment.

    In history, oxygen made up as much as 35% of the earth’s atmosphere, that was before we cut down half the trees, warmed the seas destroying oxygen producing plankton and pumped Co2 into the atmosphere from our planes, trains and automobiles. Today on a good day the atmosphere has about 21% of oxygen in it but in some built up cities this could be a lot less according to recent EPA studies.

    If you have been infected with Babesia (a nasty parasitic coinfection of Lyme disease) then it can massively affect your oxygen levels. It goes around the body destroying red blood cells, which are the cells responsible for transporting oxygen.
    There are many different ways to get more oxygen into your body and create a less pleasant environment for disease to thrive and some have proven to be very effective.

    Ozone Therapy

    You know that fresh smell you get after a thunderstorm, or when you are at the beach or by a waterfall, that smell is called ozone. Ozone is a gas made of three oxygen atoms otherwise known as O3. It’s a natural atmospheric cleanser and when inserted into the body, it cleanses that as well. This therapy has a legion of fans and is used routinely in countries like Germany as a treatment for disease.

    People claim it can help all sorts of diseases like Lyme, MS, HIV and Cancer. O3 can be soaked up through the skin in a gas chamber or injected through an IV. One the most effective ways of administering it is by extracting blood from the body and combining it with O3. This highly oxygenated blood is then pumped back into the body. It can take a few sessions before you really start to feel the effect but I don’t know anyone who’s had it who hasn’t felt it made a huge difference to their well-being. Here are some centres that provide ozone therapy either via IV or transdermal.

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    Oxygen Machine

    A more affordable way to get more oxygen into your body is by using an oxygen machine. You can sit in front of the television and enjoy the benefits of high-quality oxygen in the comfort of your own home through inhalation.

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    This is already an established treatment here in the U.K, its used for patients with MS and CFS and by people who want to improve their sporting performance. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a medical treatment which enhances the body’s natural healing process by inhalation of 100% oxygen in a total body chamber where atmospheric pressure is increased and controlled.  Normally only red blood cells transport oxygen throughout the body but with HBOT oxygen is dissolved into the bodies fluids which can then be carried to areas where the circulation is diminished and blocked. Go onto this link and type in your postcode to find a Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber near you.


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