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    Rife machines date back to the late 1930’S. Originally created by a gentleman called Raymond Rife. He ran an experiment with 16 terminally ill cancer patients and supposedly cured them using frequency therapy. His invention has suddenly had a new resurgence in popularity. The concept of rife is that it can kill diseases by hitting them with the same frequency that a disease resonates at. It vibrates the disease until it explodes. It’s not a quick fix however these machines require a certain amount of time and energy to get effective results. There were a couple of makes and models that stood out to me during my research into chronic Lyme treatment. Here’s our recommended list of rife machines.

    Spooky 2

    I decided to purchase the Spooky2 for the simple fact that it does so many things. It’s effectively a bio-resonance and a rife machine in one. You can use the machine to scan your body for frequencies, the ones that are making the most noise will come back in your list of hits. You then take these frequencies and scan them back into your body to kill them. It also has a dedicated preset for Lyme, designed to tackle all the various co-infections that often come along with it. It has various other presets for cancer, detoxing, healing and many more. Something you might find hard to get your head around is this, it can treat you by placing your fingernail into one of the generators by using your DNA. This allows you to walk around all day without being tethered to the machine. You can start off small and cheaply if you want or you can go all in and get the Spooky Central with phanotron. Setting up the Spooky2 can be quite complex but there’s lots of guidance videos and a dedicated Facebook group with spooky users who can offer advice and help.

    Spooky2 Facebook group

    Spooky2 website


    I nearly bought the GB400 over the Spooky2 because it’s a lot simpler to get to grips with. The GB400 is just a rife machine but it’s a standalone machine and doesn’t need a dedicated laptop to run it unlike the Spooky2. It has killing frequencies but it doesn’t have healing frequencies. Rather than inputting various frequencies to target specific diseases it has a sweep function which sweeps multiple frequencies through your body hitting anything that’s vibrating at that particular one. There’s the basic set-up which is supposed to be very effective and then there’s the GB400 with Mopa, a powerful machine that comes at a hefty price tag but has fantastic feedback on results. If you can afford to go all in with this machine then the GB400 with Mopa is the best buy.

    GB400 website

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