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    Lyme Doctors Abroad

    Although there are clinics in the U.K. that treat Lyme and coinfections there are clinics abroad in countries like America and Germany that have been dealing with these diseases a lot longer and so have a plethora of experience. Due to this experience they may be able to tailor a specific treatment plan to individual patients more effectively. They also aren’t limited by the same regulations to prescribing antibiotics that the U.K. is and will be able to prescribe multiple antibiotics to be taken at the same time in order to combat infections.

    BCA Germany

    A clinic based in Augsburg, Germany that specialises in treating tick borne diseases. They prescribe antibiotics and utilise a range of other naturopathic treatments.

    DR Berghoff Germany

    Based in Reinbach near Bonn, Germany.

    Doctor Bennefeld

    Clinic based near Frankfurt, Germany.

    Doctor Majdylo, Gdańsk Poland

    Comprehensive Lyme clinic in Poland that uses a variety of treatments including whole body hyperthermia.

    Poseidonia Medical Centre

    Comprehensive clinic in Cyprus that specialises in treating Lyme patients using Ozone and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.


    Gordon Medical Associates

    Friendly practice that specialises in Lyme and other chronic illnesses, based in California.

    Dr Jemsek Washington

    One of the early pioneers of Lyme treatment. Dr Jemsek has lots of patients from the U.K. who travel to see him.

    Dr Richard Horowitz New York

    Doctor Horowitz is a world renowned Lyme specialist and has a long waiting list to see him. He’s also the author of a best selling book called “Why can’t I get better?” detailing the complexity of Lyme disease and how best to treat it.

    Sophia Health Institute Seattle

    Based in Seattle this health institute is the home of Doctor Klinghardt a renowned and respected Lyme specialist.

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