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    Alternative Medicine

    This section is all about alternative therapies. A lot of these therapies don't fit into the conventional ideas we have about medicine. However, some of these therapies have been shown to be considerably more effective with better long-term results than antibiotics.


    Biomagnetism is a fairly new phenomenon for Lyme patients and one that I’m pretty excited about, so much so that I decided to train as a Biomagnetism practitioner myself. I know a number of Lyme patients who’ve seen amazing results using this treatment. Practitioners apply two powerful magnets to specific parts of the body that have the same bioenergetic characteristics, creating something called a bio magnetic pair. This helps balance the ph levels of acid and alkalinity in the body. One magnet acidifies an area whilst the other alkalises it drawing bacteria, parasite, fungus and viruses to it and subsequently they lose their pathogenic capability. See our list of recommended Biomagnetism practitioners here.

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    Stem Cell Therapy

    This treatment is not available for Lyme in the UK but it seems to have a high success rate. I haven't pursued this route due to costs but it has some great feedback from Lyme patients. There are lots of lows after stem cell therapy as they work their magic but I have a few Lyme friends who have gone this route and are now more or less symptom free. Find out more about stem cell therapy here.

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    The concept of Rife therapy is rather unique. Everything has its own frequency, the sun has a frequency, a table has a frequency and we have a frequency. Likewise, bacteria, parasites and cells have a frequency. What a rife machine does is send frequencies into the body, when it sends the exact same frequency that Lyme disease resonates at, then these two frequencies hit each other and start to vibrate. This intense vibration makes the bacteria explode. The concept is fairly outlandish but so many people testify to its effectiveness. Take a look at our recommended rife machines.

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    A lot of people swear by Bio-resonance. The line between Rife and Bio-resonance is pretty fine. They both work in a fairly similar way using frequencies but Bio-resonance tends to focus more on healing the body then killing the diseases. Bio-resonance is also quite a useful diagnostic tool. By sending frequencies throughout the body and recording the feedback from like for like frequencies clashing and vibrating it can diagnose ailments within the body. It’s proven to be useful for diagnosing Lyme disease and coinfections. There are a few naturopaths that use bio-resonance machines in their practice to diagnose and treat Lyme patients and if you want to you can purchase your own machine and learn to treat yourself. See our list of recommended Bio resonance practitioners.

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    Oxygen Therapy

    Did you know that germs and bacteria cannot survive in a high oxygenated environment? Diseases thrive in our bodies because they are low oxygen environments. The air we breathe should contain 21% oxygen but in some cities it’s as low as 15%. There are a couple of great treatments designed to increase the amount of Oxygen in the blood including Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and Ozone Therapy. Lyme patients have seen significant improvements particularly with Ozone therapy which uses an IV line to infuse oxygen directly into the blood. To learn more about oxygen therapy click on the link.

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    Aromatherapy and Essential Oils

    Aromatherapy is an essential part of my day to day management of Lyme. Lyme disease can be incredibly stressful to deal with and we need as many weapons in our arsenal to help us to cope. As well as using essential oils topically they’ve also been proven to be powerful when ingested as some oils are antibacterial and antiparasitic.  There’s only one brand Lyme doctors recommend ingesting and that is Do-terra. To find out more about essential oils and which ones we recommend then click on the link.

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    Hyperthermia Treatment

    This is a pretty crazy treatment but it’s an ancient one. This treatment involves raising the temperature of the bodies tissues until it reaches a feverish state. Clinical studies have shown that by doing this it can damage or completely destroy tumour cells, it can destroy bacteria and stimulate the immune system. After a couple of sessions patients have reported miraculous results. Most people head to Klinik St Georg in Germany for this treatment.



    Whole body cryotherapy involves immersing the body in a cold chamber which emits freezing vapours that can be as low as -110 to -160 degrees usually for no more than 3 minutes. This sensory shock leads to activation of the autonomic, or unconscious nervous system. It works by triggering thermoreceptors in the skin which send electrical signals to the brain making you think that you are freezing. This sends your body into fight or flight mode by quickly transporting the bodies blood, nutrients and resources to your core. During this process the body starts oxygenating your blood, flushing oxygen out of toxins and lactic acid. When you leave the cryotherapy booth your body starts returning back to a normal state by increasing blood flow of your now oxygenated blood back out to your limbs and then dilates blood vessels to distribute heat. The body starts absorbing the blood which is now enriched with oxygen, collagen and other essential nutrients and stimulates the body’s regulatory functions to work to their fullest potential. Not only does this treatment detoxify and reduce inflammation by boosting the amount of anti-inflammatory cytokines but it also strengthens the immune system by increasing the amount of white blood cells.

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    Bee-Venom Therapy

    Bee venom therapy was a route I knew I was never going to explore, I'm too squeamish but people who have used it for their treatment have had incredible results. It can be dangerous as anaphylaxis is a possibility so patients are recommended to keep an insulin shot, Benadryl and a phone on them at all times. Each week the patient gets sent a box of live bees from a local bee keeper and are tasked with stinging themselves in acupuncture pressures points, along the spine. This can also cause some scarring. I know someone who went this route, she previously was bed bound unable to walk, read or write and now she's mobile and leads a fairly active lifestyle. However, this course of action isn’t for the faint hearted and I urge extreme caution for anyone seriously considering it.