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    Gut Support

    Anyone with Lyme knows how important it is to support your gut. It’s called the bodies second brain because there’s millions of neurons in there that communicate with your brain and it also contributes to up to 80% of the body’s immune system. It is also full of a rich and diverse array of bacteria all of which have been evolving with you since birth. The healthier the bacteria in the gut, the healthier you are. Gut bacteria can affect your mood, your skin, your sleep and of course your immunity so it’s vital to keep it healthy and functioning optimally.  Many people with Lyme and coinfections take long courses of antibiotics and this can completely destroy the good bacteria as well as the bad so it’s important to replenish, nurture and support your gut.


    Probiotics should be an essential part of everyone’s daily supplementation no matter whether you have any health issues or not.  Our gut flora has been compromised by antibiotics, pesticides and other toxins that have reduced the population of the good bacteria in our bodies. This has not only compromised our digestive systems but also our natural immunity. We can improve our digestion and boost immunity through supplementation.  Picking the right probiotic supplement is important.


    The king of probiotics but it’s not cheap.  Symprove has been tested in trials against other probiotics and proved that the bacteria arrived, survived and thrived in the gut. The main reason is that the bacteria in the bottle are live which means that they don’t need to be activated in the body unlike freeze dried varieties.  The flip side of this is that there is a sell by date on the bottles so you have to make sure to consume it before it passes it’s best before.  It’s also has been shown to help colitis, diaharrea, constipation and intestinal inflammation. It really is the best money can buy.

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    Nu U Nutrition

    If you are looking for something a little more affordable that will also do a solid job and doesn’t have a sell by date.

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    Digestive Enzymes

    Digestive enzymes are essential to the digestion process, they help break down food into smaller molecules that can be easily absorbed by our body. We get digestive enzymes from the food we eat but they are also made in the small intestine. If the body is unable to make enough digestive enzymes then food molecules cannot be digested properly. This can lead to digestive disorders like lactose intolerance and leaky gut. We can aid the digestion process by consuming food that naturally contains digestive enzymes like pineapple, papaya, mango, bananas, avocado and honey but you can also supplement with a high-quality digestive enzyme supplement.

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    Kefir/Sauerkraut/ Kombucha/Kimchi

    What do all of the above foods have in common, well they are all fermented. Fermentation is the process by which bacteria converts sugar to alcohol creating probiotics. In studies with participants who ate unfermented kimchi and then switched to fermented kimchi there was a marked improvement in cholesterol, metabolism and weight loss. You can buy fermented foods at your local supermarket or alternatively if you want to save yourself some money you can make them yourself. This book from fermentation specialist Sandor Eliix Katz will put you on the right path to making your own fermented food.

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    Bone Broth

    This one isn’t for vegans though you can get vegetarian bone broths. Bone broth contains healing compounds that repair leaky gut, reduce intestinal inflammation and improves immunity. It contains high amounts of calcium and magnesium which is essential for bone growth and formation. Also the gelatin attracts and holds together digestive juices which supports proper digestion.

    You can purchase nutritious bone broths on line from Borough Broth.


    Vegan Bone Broth

    This vegan bone broth is made from the highest quality plant ingredients. Wakame seaweed is an excellent source of iron, iodine and magnesium while shitake mushrooms provide vitamin d and represent an excellent prebiotic.


    Homemade Bone Broth

    Alternatively, if you have time to make it yourself then here is a fantastic bone broth recipe from Hemsley and Hemsley.


    Collagen Support

    The joints, ligaments, muscle, brain, eyes, skin and heart are all made up of large amounts of collagen which is a major component of connective tissue and Borrelia the bacteria responsible for Lyme disease, love connective tissue. Not only that but the inflammatory chemicals or cytokines created by the immune system in response to Lyme can decrease collagen levels as well. As a result, people with Lyme can become extremely collagen depleted. In terms of gut health collagen is incredibly important. Due to disease, toxins, stress and poor restorative sleep, our protective mucosal lining (which is usually impermeable) in the gut can become damaged which means that undigested food can leak through the gut and enter the blood stream. When these food particles enter the blood stream it causes a whole host of problems including chronic inflammation. The ultimate goal is to heal and seal the gut and collagen is an essential component for doing just this. Besides providing the building blocks for new collagen in the body the amino acids delivered by hydrolysed collagen supports our overall gut health. For example, some of the amino acids have been found to optimise the immune function of the intestine as well as helping them maintain their function and growth.

    Hydrolysed Collagen

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    Vegan Collagen

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